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Playing Together as a Family

Instill values, grow habits and preserve stories and memories by playing as a family.

Instilling Family Values

Values can be unique to each family. That's why it is important that children learn about virtues and values from their parents.

Forming Good Life-long Habits

Children are sponges. There is no better time to help children form good habits that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Preserving Family Memories

Memories and family stories create a sense of belonging. As time goes on, its easy to forget the things that make your family unique. There are ways to preserve these memories for your children, grandchildren and beyond.

  • Family Play
  • Instilling Values
  • Forming Habits
  • Preserving Memories

Instilling Values

Growing Habits

Preserving Memories

Family Play


A Funny Feet Return

Learning the Letters with the Letter People –
I’ve been a little distracted with some family health issues. However, I fully intend to return to writing on this blog (sooner rather than later). Please, in the meantime check out my blogroll.

About Instilling Values

Lego, board games and playing with intention.

InstillingValues is ultimately in the business of playing well with kids.

- Shauna Smith (founder)

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