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Playing Together as a Family

Instill values, grow habits and preserve stories and memories by playing as a family.

Forming Good Life-long Habits

Children are sponges. There is no better time to help children form good habits that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Preserving Family Memories

Memories and family stories create a sense of belonging. As time goes on, its easy to forget the things that make your family unique. There are ways to preserve these memories for your children, grandchildren and beyond.

  • Family Play
  • Forming Habits
  • Preserving Memories

Easy to Edit Monopoly

Easy to Edit Trivia Cards

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how-to-print-on-six-sheetsUnder page scaling on your printer settings make sure to choose “Tile All Pages.” This will make it so that the game board template will print out on 6 sheets of 8 1/2 by 11inch paper.

Since most people do not have access to a printer at home that will print 19×19 inch sheets, you can print off a full template in 6 pieces. Then you can paste them together on a recycled game board.

On your printer settings also be sure to print a little overlap, and you can also check the button for “Cut Marks” so you know where to cut.
SONY DSC We recently bought and setup our first 3D printer. It was a huge hit, the kids loved it. We excitedly went to to download our first project. We chose a cat (because my girls love cats). It was very exciting to the girls for the first 15 minutes but then they lost interest in watching the printer melt the plastic and move it around as it printed. I wish that I’d found a few projects that printed in under 10 minutes for their first 3D printing experience.

3D Printing for Kids in Under 30 Minutes

  • Crocs Charms – Even if you don’t have Crocs this is a great first 3D printing experience for kids because they print out really fast.
  • A Whistle – This is cool because it makes a noise so the child gets to experience 3D printing by sight, sound and taste (but wash first). Make sure to choose the whistle named pfeife-30-10 because it prints in the least amount of time (about 20 minutes).
  • Game pawns.  Make a game while you’re at it.  One pawn will print very fast.
  • Double whistles.  Awsome vbery skinny double toned whistles.
Books About Diligence

“Very Like a Star” is one of my favorite Children’s books ever.  It’s the story of a little honeybee named Rigel that works very hard, minds her own business (opposed to gossiping) and keeps doing the right thing every day, over and over again.

Rigel is not a popular honeybee and doubts herself because she’s not.  However, Rigel later learns she is named after a star, and shines brightly even when her peers are doing not-so-great things like partying when they should be collecting nectar so the hive will have plenty of nectar for the winter.

In addition to diligence, this book teaches responsibility, helpfulness and humility.  The book has beautiful art and is great for kids 4 and up. Click here or on the image to snag a copy from

alphabetbooklargeWe’ve been very hard at work creating alphabet board books that can be fully customized with your own pictures and text. You might ask yourself, why a board book? That’s because most children that are learning their ABCs also are very good at tearing up normal photo memory books.

These board books are very durable and will become keepsakes that your children can share with their own children.

Click on the picture to see this full board book, or to customize it as your own.  You can do all of the work yourself, and even move elements around but you have to download Microsoft Silverlight.

If you’d rather not go to all that trouble we can do it for you.  For an additional fee, we can customize it for you.  All you have to do is send us the 26 photos (plus a cover photo) you want in your book.

You can get this book as a 4×4 inch board book, a 6×6 inch board book or an 8×8 inch board book.  We sell these books (us doing all the work) on  Click here to view our Etsy store.

boardbookCheck out the thick quality of these board books.  You can’t get these at Shutterfly or Snapfish or any other of the major customizable photo book suppliers.

There’s no better way to teach your children their ABCs that to show them pictures of the people they know and the things they do and the places that are familiar to them.

Whether you’re interested in doing this on your own, or us helping you don’t hesitate to ask us questions.  We love talking to our visitors.


We now have free 20×20 inch Trivial Pursuit printable templates.  We have one in color and the other in black and white. Should you need to print at a size other than 20 inches you can simply scale the size as follows:

  • 19×19 inches 95%
  • 18×18 inches 90%
  • 10×10 inches 50%
  • 8×8 inches 40%

To download your copy you will need to login and click here.  If you are not registered, you will need to register an account first.

This is a fun little candy land type summer board game that you can play based on left and right feet. You could either use pictures of the feet on a dice, or write left and right on them for the older kids. You can also play with a normal dice and just have the player say whether they landed on a left foor or a right foot and if they get it wrong they go back to their last space.

Click the image for free download files.


I’ve been working on an “easy to edit” Candyland template and wanted to share math board game ideas that you could easily create with it.  The game would be played with pawns and a dice.  When each user rolls they would go to the next space that’s answer matched the number on the dice.  You could play with one dice (to make it simple) or two dice for more complicated math problems depending on the age group.


If you purchase this download you will get two downloads – one blank and the other with the simple math problems on this screenshot. For $1.50 it’s worthwhile. Think of how many times you can use this template.

Here’s an excellent “math based scrabble” you can buy on I love it. Just click the picture and you’ll be redirected to where you can get more details or even purchase it. The price is a lot more than my template for the Math based Candyland.

I’ve been working on a pet project for my family – Disney’s “Frozen” as a board game. So far we love the Frozen board game. Take a look at the screenshots. frozen-85

You can download these templates by clicking here

I’m really excited about this new gold miners game. This gold miners game is a knockoff from Ravensburger’s “Eureka Gold” that was made back in the 1980s. It’s a game about miners and bandits. You have to collect gold as a miner and make sure not to get caught by a bandit. This is a favorite game of mine and reinforces math skills for ages 6 – 9. Unfortunately, they don’t make the game anymore

I’m not trying to infringe on the origional copyright. Just trying to provide a solution for teachers that may need a copy of the game for their classroom. Please outright purchase if you can find a copy.

Buy Gold Miners Game

If you want to play you have to scour eBay or make your own here! Amazon occasionally sells a used version too. So it’s not impossible to buy your own gold miners game.

Click the image to download (however, we do require a valid email and registration on our site to download – we feel that’s fair for offering this free).

printable gold miners game


Click here to download gold miners game.

I will be adding the board game pieces soon so please bookmark this page and check back soon.  I really hope you enjoy this fantastic game as much as I have.

If you’re curious about the rules of this gold miner’s game click here for the original Eureka Gold game rules.

I’ve created a simple to use PDF that has 6 trivial pursuit cards per page that can be printed front and back. All you have to do to use the template is tab and type through each card. You can even save them to use again next year.


You can this custom template for making trivia classroom games like:

  • Chapter and Unit Reviews
  • Study Guides for that Next Test
  • Or simply a “fun break” from instruction


It sells for $1. Not much, but enough to help me keep making games.

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InstillingValues is ultimately in the business of playing well with kids.

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